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A 5 min call or less can save you thousands of dollars per year in processing fee’s.  Simply tell us about how your business work.  Knowing your business task flow and structure can help us picked the best credit processor that meet your needs best. optimizing the way you are set up will  help you to run your business efficiently while still minimizing cost!

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Is your business growing quickly? No problem! We will automatically reassess you account based on your current and future growth.

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You don’t need $1 million in processing to get your own account managers. We believe in you! Therefore you get your own account manager from the start, Instead of always dealing with a new customer service, we will have someone personally for you to call to help you resolve any issue any time.

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Here are some of the credit and debit related processing service we can help you with.

Credit Card Processing

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Debit Card Processing

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Cash discounting

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State of the art terminal

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Will someone come and hook the terminal up for me?

The hook up is simple and you can do it yourselves. We have instructional videos to guide you step by step. Some processors require an activation calls so they can better assist you in doing the test transactions.

Amigo Payments can also help you do the activation by conducting either audio or video calls in your mother tongues to clarify all the difficulties you may have. If needed, a technician will be sent as a last solution to your aid.

How much do I have to pay for each VISA/Mastercard transaction?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the exact percentage or amount that you have to pay for the credit card transactions because with every credit card transaction that pass through, there is a  different Visa and Mastercard interchange fee associated with that card.

The cards rates typically falls between  1.3% to 3% . But we can guarantee that we will shop the best plan, in your best interest.

Do I have to sign any lease / contract?

At Amigo Payments, we offer two types of service: Month-to-month rent and rent-to-own.

Once we explain the difference, we leave it up to you to choose the best fit for your business.

What should I do when my terminal is broken?

Call the Customer Service Hotline with the number on the back of your machine. If you need help with translation or if you do not feel completely satisfied with the support you received, simply give Amigo Payments or your account manager a call and we will gladly help you.

In the case of hardware malfunction, we will send you a replacement terminal.

Why should I choose Amigo Payments instead of dealing directly with the processors?

Amigo Payments is a merchant services broker. We shop around  different processors for you to find the best deal there is. We can do that because, we group our merchants together in a portfolio for better buying power. In other words, a single merchant can lower their rate by being a part of a group. This ensure we have higher bargaining power to fight for your business. At Amigo Payments you get twice the service and a cheaper price.

Which documents are required for the application?

Just like when you open a bank account, we would need to collect 2 pieces of your ID (e.g driver’s license, SIN, passport, permanent resident card, etc.), a printed void cheque and a business utility bill. In some other cases, the processors can ask for additional documents.

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